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Welcome to a new dimension of hoof care!

The aim of this website is to introduce you to the world of Applied Equine Podiatry, where you will learn that whole hoof healthcare is the key to success.


Until a few years ago it was perceived that horses could not cope or perform to our demands without shoes. This theory has been proven wrong as there are thousands of horses world wide performing the most demanding of equestrian sports without shoes. A large proportion of these horses live in the UK and are hacking, jumping, eventing, endurance riding, and racing to name but a few!


Every day more and more horse owners are beginning to question traditional methods of hoof care or are just not happy with the results that are being achieved (or not as the case may be)


  • Ever questioned how your horse’s feet are being cared for?

  • Does your horse have a foot related problems?

  • Not sure what a ‘healthy’ foot should look like?

  • Been told your horse can’t go shoeless because...?

  • Your horse appears to have a healthy foot so why change?

  • Want to try your horse without shoes but not sure how to go about it?


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


With the right environment, correct trimming, and owner commitment, most horses can achieve high shoeless performance and work to the demands that domestication has placed upon them. Many horse owners are now discovering that their horses can work without shoes and that the health benefits are phenomenal! I hope that this website will allow you to make an informed decision on going shoeless and find a hoof care program that is right for you and your horse.

Applied Equine Podiatry
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